Building Efficient Teams

How do you know if you are getting the best out of your team?

Working as a part of a collaborative team can be a powerful experience, where we feel a part of something greater than us. Each member of the group feels valued and can bring their experience, expertise and insights. The team feels that their efforts matter and they support one another.

However, many people report that their workplace does not provide this experience. As a result, they do not show up fully and only do what is asked of them.

Psychological Safety

Psychological Safety is the term given to the quality of a working environment in which all members can fully engage and take risks without fear of negative consequences:

In psychologically safe workplaces, people know they might fail, they might receive performance feedback that says they are not meeting expectations, and they might lose their jobs due to changes in the industry environment. These attributes of the modern workplace are unlikely to disappear anytime soon. But in a psychologically safe workplace, people are not hindered by interpersonal fear. They feel willing and able to take the inherent interpersonal risks of candor. They fear holding back their full participation more than they fear sharing a potentially sensitive, threatening or wrong idea. The fearless organisation is one in which interpersonal fear is minimised so that team and organisational performance can be maximised in a knowledge intensive world.

– Amy C. Edmonson in “The Fearless Organization”

Seeing the wood for the trees

We love working in teams when we contribute to something great: synergy happens, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

But when good working relationships break down, they are a source of tension and pain.

When teams do not work well some of the following symptoms arise:

  • absenteeism
  • silo working
  • poor communication
  • ‘us and them’ thinking
  • negative work atmosphere
  • lack of efficiency

Team Consultancy

Relentless championing for your teams growth and success!!

I am available to provide bespoke workshops to improve your team performance by providing:

  • Facilitating strategic change
  • Creating and visioning change for leaders and senior managers
  • Improving team communications
  • Welcoming diversity, creativity and innovation
  • Improving team trust, responsiblity and ownership

Please contact me for further information.